Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dairy Free Ice Cream, Right From Your Own Blender!

So if you are like me, and about 2/3 of the people living with Celiac Disease, you probably suffer from some sort of lactose sensitivity. I find that I have a lot of trouble with foods with high lactose content like ice cream, or cream. This gets to be particularly hard in the summer because everyone wants ice cream! Thanks to Pinterest (my new obsession!) I have found the best way to make a guilt free, and dairy free ice cream that you will go bananas over!

Get it? Because it's made from bananas!

Simply take 4 bananas, and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and blend them in a blender until they make a smooth constancy. Pour mixture into a Tupperware container and let freeze overnight.


Simple, dairy free, and most importantly, it's tasty! You can always add extra flavors or add ins like cocoa powder, almond extract, or some chocolate chips if you desire. It's pretty fantastic any way you make it.

Does anybody else have any cool dairy free and gluten free treats they would like to share with up for our summer enjoyment? :)

Gluten Free Product Review: Pillsbury Gluten Free Pie Crust/Pastry Dough

Hello everybody! I hope you are all enjoying the summer weather! I love the summer because the produce in the area is always so much better! I can have them fresh, or I can bake something delicious. Which brings me to my new post....

I was grocery shopping yesterday and I came across these new buckets in the cookie dough area of the fridges. Pillsbury has released a new line of gluten free products! When I opened the fridge to get one of the buckets I swear I heard the hallelujah chorus playing. The current products out are Gluten Free Pie/Pastry Dough, Gluten Free Cookie Dough, Gluten Free Thin Crust Pizza Dough. Unfortunately the cookie dough was sold out, but I did grab a bucket each of pie and pizza dough.

I have not tried the pizza dough yet, but I did make a quiche last night and I just had to share with you all! I was HEAVENLY! It was buttery, and flaky, and tasted exactly how I remember regular pie crust tasted. I have eaten an entire half of the Quiche already...

There is enough dough to make either one covered pie, or two open faced pies in each bucket. I assume the pizza dough is quite similar and will have enough for more than one pizza. It was insanely easy to prepare! I have made my own pie crust since I have gone gluten free, and if you want to achieve the buttery, flaky texture, it takes a while to make the dough. This was so much more simple. Although it won't replace my thanksgiving pumpkin pie, it does make a great quick crust for breakfast foods or a last minute baked good.

I hope you all go out and try these new products. I have not seen the cookie dough out anywhere yet. Had anybody tried it? How about the pizza dough? Any good recipes to share? :)