Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wegmans: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As you may have seen in my earlier post, I made a lovely venture with my mother and brother to Wegmans this morning. Now that things are unpacked, I have a tummy full of sushi, and my socks are finally dry (it's pouring rain here!) I figures I would let you all know how the trip went.

The Good:

  • I got individual packs of gluten free Annie's mac and cheese. It's kinda like easy mac, but better!
  • FRESH SUSHI! OMG it was so tasty. One of the best rolls I have had in forever!
  • Mom got spicy chicken curry salad. She's loving it!
  • It wasn't as crowded as it normally was!
  • There were "Gluten Free" labels EVERYWHERE!
  • They have a huge selection of fresh berries right now. Got some raspberries!

The Bad:

  • Our savings this time were not nearly as good as last time. 
  • I got cut off buy a number of small children, and nearly ran into a few who were lying/sitting on the floor. (where were their parents?!?!)
  • After insisting that she got every single cold item into the freezer bags, the cashier packed some clearly cold items in with some warm and chemical items. Awesome....
  • No gluten free burger or hotdog buns :(

The Ugly:

  • Our cashier packed as many cold items into our freezer bag as she could and a number of items were horribly mangled and/or destroyed when we got home. Poor Gluten-Free pie never got to be tasty pie...
  • An employee yelled at my mom for pulling towards the curb to grab the groceries.
  • My European candy bars got crushed on the ride home :(
  • I am not sure what it is, but there is something slimy on the outside of my pasta sauce wasn't like that when it went in the bag...
  • The cans of cat food all got dented really bad, and some of them can't stack. Thankfully, none of the seals are broken on them.

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