Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Early Morning Adventure

So it's a little after 7am here, and I am about to head out the door to go food shopping. Now I know what you are thinking: Why in the world would you get up early ON A SATURDAY just to go food shopping?? I can sum it up in one word:

Wegmans is the bomb-diggity (that's right, I said it!). On a whim last night, mom and I decided to save our grocery shopping for today and go to Wegmans because 1) The prices are AMAZING 2) The food is AMAZING 3) They offer a rather large selection of Gluten Free food. (Oh! And they are AMAZING!).

Now again, I bet you are wondering "But still, why so early?" Well this my friends, is because like any kind of good products that go on sale, like Black Friday for example, there will be crowds full of soccer moms with no mercy shopping in the isles, and well, I would like to park closer than a mile to the store. So off we go! I'll report on my trip when I get back!